Hario Buono Kettle (1.2L)
Hario Buono Kettle (1.2L)
Hario Buono Kettle (1.2L)
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Hario Buono Kettle (1.2L)

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The Hario Buono kettle (1.2L)  is a classic, go-to gooseneck (pouring) kettle for home and cafe use across the world. 

It allows you to better direct the flow, and control the pace, of your boiled water over your coffee bed. Trust us, you will notice an immediate improvement in your pour-overs, from technique to taste, if you are currently using a regular kettle that pours water onto your coffee like a broken dam. 

This kettle is also burner-friendly, so you can bring it to the boil like old fashioned kettles. Ahhhh, nostalgia. Just don't use it in the microwave for obvious reasons. 

We also carry the slightly smaller 1.0L version! 

  • Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with induction and direct flame heating surfaces
  • Functional Capacity: 800ml
  • Full Capacity to Rim: 1.2L