La Resistencia Swiss Water Decaf
The Artery Community Roasters

La Resistencia Swiss Water Decaf

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Please note: there is a delay at the Swiss Water plant that has resulted in delays to our decaf supply. We will have some fresh crop decaf in late October /early November. Thank you for understanding. 

This is a special decaf, for many reasons. More important than tasting incredible, it's a blend from the Indigenous Xinca farmers who form the Cafe Colis Resistencia movement.

These farmers are defending their lands (the same ones that grows the coffee you drink) from a Canadian owned silver mine that is trying to wipe our their lands, culture, livelihoods and lives, with impunity.

By buying this coffee, you are supporting the Cafe Colis Resistencia's ability to continue defending their lands. 

VARIETY: Pache/Catuai 
TASTING NOTES: Chocolate Chip Cookies + Raisins
ROAST: Medium 
REGION: San Miguel, Mataquescuintla, Guatemala 
ALTITUDE: 1750-1800 masl 

SIZE: Available in 227g. Due to current delays in shipping of our new coffees, we have removed larger sized bags of our decaf, but will have them back in stock in early Fall! 

GRIND: Whole bean, Filter, French Press, and Espresso/Moka Pot

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This Decaf is great brewed as as a drip, French Press. And really pulls like a dream if using for espresso (just grind finer).