Upcoming Limited Edition Boxes

Thanks to our penchant for fun and experimentation, and our strict adherence to consumer demands for season things, check our our upcoming limited edition boxes:

  • Curb Your Caffeinism Box: Love Curb? Love Coffee? Great, but do you respect wood? Well you should! This Box will come with a 1 kg bag of coffee, 2 CURB coasters handmade in Ottawa, and a helpful little guide we've developed on coffee etiquette (like how to navigate a coffee shop chat n' cut; or how to order a substitute heavy drink without sounding like unchecked Royalty. 
  • And Then There Were Puns - Mystery Box: Speaking of keeping you guessing, stay tuned for our mystery themed box, where you won't know what coffee you're getting (some won't even be on our menu). Keep your notes in the booklet we send you and start unpacking  the 10x60g coffee bags that will each have names, bad pun clues, back stories that give an idea about their place of birth (coffee origin), vague tasting notes to point you in the right direction, and a general sense of their personality (more for fun than purpose). You have to figure out which of the ten are the Murderer, and you'll also have to guess the origin, taste profile (we'll provide a flavour wheel print out) of each 'coffee character'. The back of the booklet will reveal all the coffees and what their origins are, and our more detailed tasting notes (which you can compare to yours). Let's see if all that coffee snobbing we've been spewing has resonated with any of you! Oh, and let's also see if our obscure and unhelpful CLUES will help at all?!? Muhahahaha!  This can be done as a cupping over one sitting, or enjoyed by 1-2 people over a week or two