FriendS Gift Box
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FriendS Gift Box

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Look, we get it, gift cards are easy (we also have them, and will gladly sell you one, or twelve), but isn't it sooooo much more fun to get an actual gift?

Especially one as delicious and ethical as our coffee, and in this case, some fair trade cocoa too! Can you call chocolate bars cocoa, or is that confusing and nonsensical? Why not just say chocolate? Is calling a chocolate bar cocoa, like calling a french fry a potato? Anyway, back to this FriendS box. 

This FriendS box is good for one or two friends, family members or whoever, as long as they don't mind sharing a mug! 

In the FriendS gift box (a value of over $60):

  • A big bag of our Stephen Hawkbean: Black Hole Roast (454g)
  • 2 OXFAM Bite to Fight Fair Trade Chocolate Bars (Dark and Milk, 50g each)
  • Just Us! Fair Trade and Organic White Chocolate Bar (100g)
  • The Artery Stoneware Mug. Each one is unique!
  • Personalized 4"x6" greeting card and you can choose a theme  from a drop-down menu (such as 'congrats' or Deep Space) or no theme. 
  • Nice packaging like Pink tape and fancy wood box filling like a champagne bottle or a historical artifact.

Also, the inner Larry David in us loves the idea of sending this FriendS Box to some friends out of the blue, and holding it over them for years to come (oh remember that time I bought you that amazing coffee for NO reason other than FRIENDSHIP!). The small silver lining right now during these difficult times, is that they can't be like "let us return the favour, come over for a bland 4 hour dinner". Best case, they send YOU some coffee, and of course, they will send you more than you sent them, (you were the one who started this whole petty, but glorious, one-upping feud to begin with). So guess what, now you gotta send them an even bigger Best FriendS Gift Box, or just like any of our taster packs. Sorry, we warned you!