Best Friends Gift Box
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Best Friends Gift Box

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This Best Friends Gift Box is kinda like our other Gift Boxes, but bigger and better, because best friends beat the rest of friends. Now, that's not say that if someone buys you one of our smaller, still equally awesome Gift Boxes, that you aren't their best friend, but it kinda does put it into question...

But who are we also who are we to put down "lesser" friends? Best friends can be a lot of work sometimes, so a more casual friend, like a work friend, can be more fun. Not the same old stories, or petty unresolved differences that have lived on for decades. All that to say, let's not label friendship, let's only label coffee bags. Speaking of which!

In the Best FriendS Gift Box (a value of nearly $120):

  • Three (3) bags of coffee:
  • 2 OXFAM Bite to Fight Fair Trade Chocolate Bars (Dark and Milk, 50g each)
  • Just Us! Fair Trade and Organic White Chocolate (100g)
  • Camino Fair Trade and Organic Chocolate  (Raspberry or Almond, darker 100g, flavour depends on availability. )
  • TWO(2) Artery Stoneware Mug. Each one is unique!
  • Personalized 4"x6" greeting card and you can choose a theme  from a drop-down menu (such as 'congrats' or Deep Space) or no theme. 
  • Nice packaging like Pink tape and fancy wood box filling like a champagne bottle or a historical artifact.

 If they weren't your best friend before the box, they will be after!