Dark Roast Subscription Box
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Dark Roast Subscription Box

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Our Dark Roast coffee, the Stephen Hawkbean: Black Hole Roast, is roasted much less dark than traditional dark roasts, to preserve the delicate flavour profiles of our high-end coffees (and avoid ashy and burnt tastes). But fear not, it's a fan favourite and with good reason, as it tastes great and offers great value!

Subscribe to any size bag of this great dark roasted Red Bourbon from Southern Rwanda. The bigger the bag, the more you save! 

Pricing (all in, no other fees, taxes or shipping costs):

1x125g bag: $17.99 
1x227g bag: $19.99
1x340g bag: $21.99
1x454g bag: $23.99
1x908g bag: $39.99
1x5lb bag:    $89.99 (BEST VALUE!)

If you're interested in checking out more medium-dark roast options, check out our Espresso Subscription Pack. It may say espresso, but those medium-dark roasts are great any which way you brew them!

Shipping is included, so the price you see is the price you pay!* 

How does it work?

You decide what size bag you want (from 125g all the way to 5lbs) and how often you want to receive them (every 15, 30, 60 or 90 days).

Your cycle starts from the day you order. And your coffee is always roasted to order!

Canada-wide shipping is included in the price of all subscriptions, so the price you see covers everything! 

You can pause, change or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Our subscription service sends you an email a few days before your next order is processed to give you a chance to change (in the event you wanted to try one of our many other boxes) or pause/cancel it!

If choosing to PICK UP instead of receive delivery, we will add a 125g bag to your subscription (for any order over $20).

Save cash, and never forget to restock your precious coffee pantry.

Set. Forget. Coffee at your doorstep. 


Please note: We have yet to raise prices on subscribed users since we've opened, and will always inform you first if we ever have to make slight adjustment to subscription pricing. We will always strive to find you value, while maintaining ethics and quality standards. 

*Some West Coast addresses and very rural addresses may may incur slight price increases due to mounting shipping costs. We will notify you before charging you of any such modifications to pricing. 


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