Coffee that supports the employment of people with disabilities. FREE shipping over $60 across Canada. Or $10 for Canada wide and $7 for local deliveries (when under $60). Free pick ups Wed-Sun.
Coffee that supports the employment of people with disabilities. FREE shipping over $60 across Canada. Or $10 for Canada wide and $7 for local deliveries (when under $60). Free pick ups Wed-Sun.
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Our Team!

At The Artery Community Roasters, we are proud to employ a diverse group of people with disabilities.  

Owner and Head Roaster: Will Wells

The one team member who doesn't identify as living with a disability, Will (the bald guy in the pic) started The Artery Community Roasters with two goals in mind: create rewarding jobs for people living with disabilities, and roast some delicious, direct trade coffee. 

Will is a volunteer and Board Director of ABLE2, the not-for-profit organization that we donate a portion of our profits to, and who help us find and support many of our wonderful staff members who are all living with disabilities.

If you ever find yourself down at our shop, or see us out in the wilds of Ottawa's farmers markets, come and say hi! Will can wax poetic about pretty much any subject, because his mind is filled with more useless knowledge than pretty much anyone. And he will gladly talk about the wonder that is Larry David to anyone who will listen (you've been warned, he won't stop once started). Also if you do talk to him about pour-overs or espresso, good luck leaving that conversation anywhere north of forty minutes. Yikes. 

General Manager: Erin

Erin helps run our socials, our website updates, our customer service and HR! She is a great team leader! She also gives Will a SERIOUS run for his money when it comes to puns. They love puns. Too much. 

Check out Erin's articles on our Brew-Better Newsletter and Blog, and say hi on our social channels. She also posts really thoughtful weekly discussions called 'Not Just Coffe Talk', that focus on disability rights and advocacy. Erin makes our business tick!


Operations Manager: Jim

Jim runs the roastery and manages the on site staff, making sure orders are going out with care and quickness! 

Jim is a man of many talents. He makes art that adorns our roastery, and has the best music taste, well, ever. His eclectic and rare vinyl collection is a welcome addition to our in-house turntable (that we can only listen to when not roasting as fluid bed roasting is a rather loud endeavour). Say hi to Jim on our socials or at our markets.


Market Maestro / On Air Personality: Shelly 

Shelly  is very excited to get to share the stage with Will and keep him in check, during the videos we have planned on the roasting process, market appearances, and life at The Artery Community Roasters. Shelly and Will have been friends through ABLE2 for almost ten years, and 'Aunt Shelly' is an important part of Will and his family's lives.  

You can also catch Shelly at many of our market stalls and pop-up events. 


In-house Calligrapher: Mireille

We are thrilled to have Mireille on our team! She brings a wealth of enthusiasm and ideas, and is learning the ins and outs of running a coffee business! 

She is really a great team-player and we are lucky to have her on the team. She also really loves our coffees and is keen to let everyone know that the Stephen Hawkbean is her favourite. She writes most of our handwritten notes and helps with fulfilling orders. 

She is also really excited to be a part of the fun team at the Artery. 


CFO (Chief Fur Officer): Artie Wells

Not only is Artie our resident fur-ball extraordinaire, he's also our namesake! But The Artery Community Roasters is named after more than just THE most adorable dog in the world, it's also about heart. Because we are all about spreading that community love, not to mention, caffeine makes your arteries pump! Hence our cute little logo which is really just a cartoon heart, because arteries depicted realistically are kinda gross!

Keep an eye out for Artie wandering around at farmer's markets and lurking on our socials (but he sadly doesn't hang out at the Roastery, mostly because of public health guidelines, but also because we'd never get anything done around such a cutie). Just look at that snaggle!  


Coming soon! Stacey, our newest employee!