About The Artery Community Roasters and our Mission

We love two things at The Artery Community Roasters, helping people living with disabilities find worthwhile employment, and freshly roasted speciality coffee. Oh, and we also love pizza, our dog Artie and Seinfeld, but mostly helping the community and roasting some really great coffee.

All the employees who are roasting and packaging our coffee, are people living with disabilities. Our main mission is to provide stable employment and work experience, paid at a living wage, for people living with disabilities. Wages start at $18.60 an hour, increase steadily, and we are working towards providing full-time employment with full benefits to as many people living with various disabilities as we can. 

In most provinces, people living with disabilities earn between 70 and 75 percent of the income earned by people without disabilities. Many also face significant barriers to finding meaningful employment at all. We want to play a small part in helping to change this.

We also want to show other businesses that not only is hiring people with disabilities, and lettingtletting them lead, the right thing to do, but it's also good for business! Consumers want to support companies that give back, and don't just take

Oh, and did I mention we also produce some of the best specialty coffee around. Freshly roasted on innovative fluid bed roasters, we sell direct trade coffee that we source through our friends at Semilla Coffee, who are coffee advocates and small-scale importers who care. This allows us to operate with only 1 to 2 degrees of separation between us and the farmers who grow our delicious coffee. 

We also want to have as little environmental impact on our fragile plant as possible. All our deliveries are carbon neutral and we use vermicomposting to turn our coffee roasting waste (chaff, bags) into food for our gardens. 

Thanks for caring! 

Our Mission

1) Employ people living with disabilities and pay them a living wage. 

2) Inspire other business to hire people with disabilities and pay them, and their other employees, a living wage. 

3) Roast ethically sourced specialty coffee with care, and get it to consumers within a week or less of roasting. We like it fresssssssssh

4) Limit our impact on the environment.