3 Month Gift Subscription (6x227g bags + Mug)
3 Month Gift Subscription (6x227g bags + Mug)
3 Month Gift Subscription (6x227g bags + Mug)
The Artery Community Roasters

3 Month Gift Subscription (6x227g bags + Mug)

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Gift someone two (2) 227g bags of single origin and single estate  coffees every month for three (3!) months. Shipping, an Artery Stoneware Mug, gift wrapping and other treats are also included. 

Choose from three (3) taste profiles: 

  • Light Lovers: for the giftee in your life who's all about those fun and fruity light roasts! Comes with 4 light roasts and 2 medium roasts (that are still slightly on the lighter side). 
  • Dark Diehards: Three dark roasts, and three medium roasts that we will roast slightly darker than usual.  
  • Sir Mix-a-Box: Two light roast, two medium roast, two dark roasts. Variety never tasted so good.

And we will take care of the rest. 

You pay everything upfront so you don't have to worry about it again and shipping for all three boxes to anywhere in Canada is included in the price. 

We will also make sure the first package has a handwritten note (just leave your message in the comments section when checking out). 

If it's a special occasion like a birthday or wedding, let us know in the comment section as well, as we have a card for pretty much every occasion (and many others that just look nice and don't mark any specific occasion). 

In addition to the coffees, your gift subscription will include:

  • An Artery Stoneware Mug!
  • Candies or cookies that complement each coffee.
  • Fancy wood shaved filling like a classy champagne box. And fancy washi tape to make it look spiffy. 
  • And the last box will have a coupon for 20% off of a future purchase that the recipient and the gift giver can both use!