All the Coffees: Sampler Pack
All the Coffees: Sampler Pack
All the Coffees: Sampler Pack
The Artery Community Roasters

All the Coffees: Sampler Pack

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Don't know which of our coffees to try?

How about a sampler pack (8x60g pink bags) of our top selling coffees!

You'll also get a 15% OFF coupon code for your next purchase! 

We will also include a easy to follow cupping guide brochure we've created, so you can do your own tasting at home. 

And of course we won't forget to add some candies and stickers, 'cause we're sweet like that. 

We have a a very juicy and fun selection on offer (click the links for all the details on each coffee):

  • My Cherry Amour: A ridiculously natural Res Bourbon Pink Bourbon from five small freehold farmers working together in Rwanda.  
  • Payton's Perfect Pour: A velvety rich Red Bourbon grown by 23 women owned and operated micro-farms in Rwanda's Southern Province. 
  • Picnic del Pastor: A sparkling and unique Pink Bourbon from Pastor Ordonez. A remarkable washed coffee, roasted light. 
  • Candy Pacheco: a medium-light roast from Randolfo Pacheco, a farmer and Indigenous Xinka land defender from the Café Colis Resistancia movement. 
  • Mary's Finest: A blend of a single producer light roast, and a single origin medium roast. And it's for a good cause! 
  • Spro JacksonA medium-dark espresso that also drinks really well as a filter or French Press. 
  • Stephen Hawkbean - Black Hole RoastA dark roast Rwandan that is both a smooth filter roast or traditional espresso. 
  • Resistencia Decaf: A decaf that taste as good as does good. Check out the incredible mission behind this coffee! 

All the coffees are rested (7-14 day from roast date) and stored individual bags with a small window so you can analyse the look of each and compare them to each other!

Since these are not done to order, but rested to our specifications, we currently offer them in whole bean only.