Curb Your Caffeinism (Half-Caf Blend)
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Curb Your Caffeinism (Half-Caf Blend)

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The best of both worlds, all the flavour of our single producer roasts, half the caffeine. Mocha Joe wishes he had these beans.

This blend fuses BOTH red and yellow caturra from Colombia roasted medium-light, with our signature Cafe Colis Resistencia Swiss Water decaf roasted more medium (city). 

VARIETY: Red Caturra/Yellow Caturra 
TASTING NOTES: Apple Juice + Pineapple + Honey + Milk Chocolate + Almond
ROAST: Medium-Light 
REGION: Columbia and Guatemala
ALTITUDE: 1750/1800 masl

SIZES: Available in 227g, 340g and 454g. Due to current delays in shipping of our new decaf coffee, we have removed 908g bags of our Curb roast, but will have it back in stock in early Fall! 

GRIND: Whole bean, Filter, French Press, and Espresso/Moka Pot

Don't worry, you'll love this roast too much to ever open a decaf spite store. 

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